Let United Employment Group help you secure the rewarding job you’re looking for in the Concrete Products and Construction, Metals, Refrigeration, Engineering and Plastic Industries. We have leads on all levels of employment, throughout the United States and overseas, at companies where people want to work.

United Employment Group's number one priority is to ensure the confidentiality of our candidates.  Your name, contact information and all pertinent information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

United’s success can be attributed to our work with two types of candidates.  The first type is the unemployed or underemployed candidate.  This group is comprised of candidates who are actively pursuing new career opportunities that will improve their compensation, geographic location or professional growth prospects.   These candidates come to United knowing that we can efficiently network with our industry contacts, present multiple opportunities and ultimately provide a new position in a short timeframe while minimizing the amount of time and effort the candidate has to invest in the process.  

Another type of candidate is known as the “passive job seeker.”  These candidates are currently employed, hold good positions and are not actively seeking new opportunities.  Instead, these candidates register with United Employment Group and work with our Search Consultants to design a search that is based on their personal employment criteria such as a specific company, position, salary or geographic location.  These candidates are then notified when potential opportunities matching their criteria are available.  This passive approach allows a candidate to find a new position without having to constantly search online job boards as well as maintain the confidentiality of their search.    Please contact United today, and let our team of Search Consultants keep you informed of the opportunities that arise in your industry.


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